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Dried Tapioca 5
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Amla Honey Coat
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Pine Nuts 100gm
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Brazil Nut 100g
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Hazel Nuts 100g
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Banana Cut Chip
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Cranberry Dry 1
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Rice Pakkavada(
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Pistachio Iran
260.00 Add
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Pumpkin Seed Sa
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Bay Leavs 50gm
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Walnut 100gm -
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Best online grocery store in Trivandrum City

KADA.in is the earliest & fastest growing online grocery store in the city of Trivandrum. We deliver the grocery purchased the same day or as per your wish. Our main objective is to make grocery shopping a seamless experience for our valuable customers.

You can not only order Grocery @ KADA.in, but also, Organic Products, Health Care products, Personal Care products, Vegetables & Fruits, Stationery, Cleaning Agents, Pooja Accessories, Baby Care products, Pet Food, Fish and Meat & The recently launched Videos.

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and Fish on Demand

KADA.in provides fresh fruits, fish and vegetables. We are on our way to become the best fruits, fish and vegetable store in Trivandrum. We take all the effort to provide you fresh fish and vegetables which invariably saves your valuable time.

Easy payment options

KADA.in values its customers. Our flexible payment options are designed for the convenience of our customers. It includes Cash / Food coupon on Delivery, Card on Delivery & Online Fund Transfer.

KADA.in promises home delivery in a range of time slots throughout the day & night. KADA.in is a great place to buy groceries online - You will get everything you will find in your local Supermarket and much more!

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