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Kada Online Private Limited is Kerala’s first and largest online grocery store. KADA was founded in 2012 and currently caters to the entire city of Trivandrum. KADA focus’s on providing its services to TIER 2 and TIER 3 cities in South India.

Kada’s Initiatives

When KADA was launched in 2012, online grocery shopping was unheard off in Trivandrum. Today the company boasts of customers from every nook and corner of the city. Some other revolutionary ideas initiated by the company are noted below.

  • Go Clean India ( Bye Bye Scrap, Buy Buy Grocery ) - A Barter Deal.  Kada collects scrap from customers and gives them KADA Grocery coupons in return. This is a revolutionary concept and first of its kind in the whole of India.
  • Empowering Women Entrepreneurship - Empower housewives to become entrepreneurs. Kada helps housewives to sell their home made products exclusively through KADA Platform.
  • Online Fresh Fish Festival - A first of its kind in the whole of India. They bring in different varieties of fresh fish from different places and sell it through their online platform. You could see different combos, sea food platter, fresh water fish plater etc.  

CSR Activities

KADA believes in giving back to the society and include its customers in all its activities. They create a mindset that injects social responsibility thinking into every aspect of its business and a strategy to create positive thinking in communities close to home and around the world.

  • Geeta Sunu
  • Malathi Sajikumar
  • Dr. Malini Laloraya
  • Sujith Dan Mammen
  • Leela Sidhardhan
  • Mohana Kumar B

KADA is currently looking at capital investment to expedite its expansion plans. Interested persons can email at investors@kada.in 

During these years KADA has build a strong foundation fine tuned its processes in such a way that it can be replicated quickly in any part of India. The following are their immediate expansion plans:

  • Kada has shortlisted the following cities:  Cochin, Calicut, Kollam and Trissur and is aiming at providing its services to these cities in the First Phase of expansion.
  • Expand to outskirts of Trivandrum City  
  • Expand its Go Clean India and Empowering Women Entrepreneurship Campaigns.

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